Although you don’t need to make a decision right now about what job you want to do it might be helpful to think very carefully about your basic strengths and weaknesses and what type of working environment works best for you.

Multi-Tasker or a Specialist Creative?

Are you the type of person who loves to multi-task? Then you have the right basic personality to work your way up to being a producer /director, production manager, or a broadcast journalist. These roles require you to keep many plates spinning at one time, so you need to be incredibly organised, good at prioritizing and calm when the bullets are flying in all directions. If you are the type of person who takes real pride in being an expert at just one or two things, then you may find you’re best suited to a job in any one of the specialist crafts.

Home or Away

This is actually a huge consideration when picking a career path in the media. Some jobs are very creative but almost exclusively office-based positions, while other roles demand you to be away from home pretty much all the time. For instance picture editors have the massive creative satisfaction of bringing programmes to life in the cutting suite but they very rarely ever go on location, or on set. At the other end of the scale location camera operators and sound recordists spend most of their lives working away from home, which is not ideal for people w­ho like to able to see their family and friends at the weekend. This type of work can put considerable stress on personal relationships. The programme producers and directors have a mix of both worlds, spending time in the office during pre and post production and time on location during filming.

Team Worker or Soloist

Do you like working in large teams or do you love to go solo? Working in film or television you need to really enjoy working as part of a team, sometimes very large teams, depending on others all the time. If you like going solo, having more overall control of the content you are creating then you should probably think about working in radio. In radio you still need to be a team player but you are often expected to do much more on your own. Graphic Designer’s liaise with the producers but do the bulk of their actually design work on their own.